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Stein P Shuttle Moisture End Caps V2

Do you hate preparing your shuttles for a competition? Or do you sometimes forget? The Stein P Shuttle Moisture End Caps V2 are the solution!

The double lid is filled with small balls that release water and therefore ensure optimum humidity in your tube shuttles. This way your shuttles always stay fresh. the springs break less quickly and you will have extra fun with your tube spring shuttles!

When the balls have been optimally sucked up, they are about half a cm in size. Over time, they get smaller because they repel the moisture. You can then place the lid in a water bath for 3 to 4 hours so that the balls fill up again and you can use your resilient shuttles again.

We have already filled them for you, so you can start using the Stein P Shuttle Moisture End Caps immediately.

A must for tournament players and team captains who manage their team's shuttle!
2 lids per pack.

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Stein P

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Stein P Shuttle Moisture End Caps V2 Stein P Shuttle Moisture End Caps V2
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